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 Our Pergolas Are Perfect For You!    

9x9 Pergola Orlando Florida

2021 Spring 9'x9' Pergola Sale!

The 2021 Spring 9'x9' pergola sale is on! The 9'x9' measurement refers to the post dimensions from outside of post to outside of post with the top dimensions being 12'x12'. The lumber used is #1 grade pressure treated 6x6 posts sunk 24" in ground w/concrete, 2x8 main beams, 2x6 cross joists placed 16" on center and 2x2 top lath placed 8" on center. The fasteners used are stainless steel screws and galvanized carriage bolts.
Our pergola's are very heavy duty, built to last!

The sale cost includes all materials and installation but, does not include paint or stain. Call or email today for special pricing!

Office Phone: 407-321-9898
Email: patrick@pcowoodcrafting.com

13'x13' Traditional Pergola Traditional Pergolas
Are the most popular pergolas that we build. These are four post free standing pergolas that come in two different sizes. 9'x9' as seen above and 13'x13' seen on the left. The sizes are the post dimensions making the top of the pergolas including 16" overhangs larger.
The 9'x9' top dimensions equal 12'x12' and the 13'x13' dimensions equal 16'x16'. These pergolas are very heavy duty and there are 12 different decorative end cut designs to choose from.

Below are just a few samples of pergolas built by Patrick Carley's Outdoor Woodcrafting. If you would like to see more images of our pergolas and the
latest updates on our projects you can visit, like and share the
PCO Woodcrafting facebook page.

Pergola Image Gallery: Click thumbnails to enlarge.

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